Wall-Awe - Color you can't ignore
When asked what I paint I fully understand the inquirer is asking-"do you specialize in landscapes, or portraits, etc." But for me my answer is "whatever I see." This means I basically have few limits.  With the eye of an artist I admit I do see things others don't, or at least see things differently. I am mesmerized by all things whimsical and all things beautiful. I thrill in capturing the life in a little girl's eye and the mischief in an old dog's face. The only challenge to my yearning to paint is, "will I live long enough to finish?"

Gallery 113
For anyone in Colorado Springs...I was recently voted in as a member of Gallery 113.  This art gallery is for local artist. You are invited to stop in and see not only my art but the art of many other artists in the area. Gallery 113 is located across from Old Chicago in downtown,...113 N Tejon Street.  Feel free to call me with any questions about my art or the web.              719-338-8454        
Art Hardware
There will be a one woman show at Art Hardware during November and December. There will be a special meet and greet NOV. 2nd 4:00 thru 7:00. Bring a friend, and enjoy the latest in art. Wine and snacks will allow you to invite a friend for a causal before diner date. This one woman show will hang through Dec. 31st. Christmas is a perfect time to indulge yourself or a friend with a unique piece of art. The Art Hardware store offers the most unique frames to polish of any picture. Call me to discus your ideas. 
Phantom Canyon
I will also be displaying many of my art pieces at Phantom Canyon, at the corner of Cascade and Pikes Peak Avenue, beginning Nov. 16th through the end of January.. This is a one woman show. I am excited for you to come and enjoy a good meal and walk through the restaurant seeing all the art. Remember I will never sell more than 12 prints of any piece of art work. Thank you for sharing this site with all your Facebook friends. You are my best marketeers!
Thank you in full color, to all who graced the openings of my art at Gallery 113, and Art Hardware.  I do appreciate your support and feedback. My art will remain at 113 through Nov. 30th and at the Art Hardware space through Dec. 31st.   You can escort your friends on a cannon art tour this holiday and view all three venues. I am always painting but don't always get my new canvases on the web. Go see them. You are my inspiration. You can share this site with your facebook friends with the click of the "f" below. Love the sharing. In the last 30 days 9 countries and over 12 states have been on the sight. Hello to 145 clicks in Beverly Hills...oh, and Turkey.HA<happy Thanksgiving!!!!>

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